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Ours Portal - your reliable assistant at organization of the international freight traffic on Second Transeuropean transport corridor.

By taking advantage Portal services you receive the following:

  • Significant reduction of terms of delivery of cargoes at the expense of acceleration and simplification of procedures of registration of the documents at boundary stations;
  • Maintenance of guarantees of unobstructed progress of cargoes at the expense of preliminary check of the electronic documents at boundary stations, duly detection and elimination of possible obstacles to transportations arising owing to mistakes in the documents;
  • Expansions of a spectrum of free-of-charge information services, maintenance of continuous monitoring of transportation on all of a transit;
  • Maintenance of confidentiality of the information about transportations at the expense of organization of protection of databases from the non-authorized access, including the programs of enciphering EDS and use license SOBD (ORACLE) in which structure the regular means of protection of the information are included;

  • Significant reduction of cost of boundary services connected to renewal of the waybills CIM on SMGS and the declaration;

  • Advices by rules of customs registration of cargoes on the Polen-Byelorussian and Byelorussian-Russian border;
  • Opportunity of reception of services of the Electronic digital signature (EDS).

The advantages of application EDS are expressed in the following:

  • Maintenance of protection of the information from the non-authorized access as during transfer it on a network Internet, and at a storage in a database of the Portal. It is provided by use of the special programs of enciphering of the information, which enter into a complex of the programs EDS.
  • Differentiation of access of the users Internet-Portal to its information resources. It is achieved by identification of the clients at the expense of use of the closed key EDS.
  • The organization of transfer and reception legally of the electronic documents, that will supply electronic copy of document circulation and will allow to proceed to paperless technology.
CIM/SMGS on The second transport corridor
  • With the purposes of increase of quality of transport service at organization of cargo international transportations the railroads CIT and OSJD have entered into action the waybill CIM/SMGS, which is confirmation of the conclusion of the contracts of transportation on CIM and SMGS in the message between the states using CIM and SMGS.
  • The application of the waybill CIM/SMGS can reduce term of delivery of cargoes on 12-20 of hours and to lower cost of transportation approximately on 30 EURO at the expense of exception from logistic of a circuit of operations on renewal of the waybills CIM on the waybills SMGS at boundary stations. Such result can be achieved only in the event that the waybill and the accompanying documents, which are not cancelled, are made out correctly. Delays of cargoes at boundary stations with all following consequences otherwise are inevitable.

Preliminary declaration

Preliminary declaration of cargoes includes procedure of preliminary check invoices and coordination of reception of a cargo till the waybill CIM/SMGS with BCH, RZD, Byelorussian and Russian customs house.

At detection not correct data in the preliminary electronic documents (waybill CIM/SMGS and invoices), the correction is provided with the operator in Internet-Portal before arrival of a cargo on boundary station. Thus, the delays of cargoes at boundary stations are excluded.

Information technology of renewal of the waybill CIM on SMGS.

"Internet-Portal" unites within the framework of uniform information space of all participants of transportation process, switching, both manufacturers of transport services, and their consumers. Provides regulated access to the protected information resources of each participant and potential client under the passwords or electronic digital signature (EDS).

  • Internet-Portal provides reception of the applications on transportation of cargoes from the clients, the account of the tariff is carried out. (Tariff on-line.)

  • The client, in a case of aviso of transportation, receives the account on payment of the tariff.
  • After payment of the tariff, the client sends the information for registration of the waybill CIM and invoice in an electronic kind on Internet-Portal to the Operator of transportation.
  • The operator of transportation through Portal forms and sends the electronic waybill CIM on DB-Cargo for registration of the paper waybill CIM and reception of a cargo to transportation.
  • Simultaneously, the Operator of transportation through Portal sends the electronic waybill CIM and electronic invoice Re-expeditor in Malashevichi and Declarator in Brest for preliminary check of the information and drawing up of the preliminary waybill SMGS and declaration.
  • Re-expeditor after reception of the electronic waybill CIM, beforehand prepares the waybill SMGS, and after receipt of the paper waybill CIM with a cargo, after verification, sends final variant of the electronic waybill SMGS in Portal and on PKP. (For renewal of the waybill CIM on SMGS for trains " East wind ", on an item. Malashevichi (PKP) the technological time 12 hours is stipulated. The preliminary drawing up of the waybill SMGS before arrival of a cargo, considerably will reduce time to registration of the documents).
  • PKP the electronic waybill SMGS and transfer documents in an electronic kind broadcasts on BCH before transfer of a cargo.
  • The operator of transportation through Portal transfers the final version electronic SMGS Declarator in Brest before arrival of a train in Brest:
  • Declarator in Brest after reception final electronic SMGS forms final electronic DKD and sends on Customs House in Brest and on Portal.
  • The operator of transportation through Portal transfers the electronic waybill SMGS in "Smolenskgeldorservis" for check of presence permission of the telegrams.
  • BCH, after arrival of a train in Brest, sends electronic SMGS on an Smolensk.
  • Declarator makes out paper DKD and transfers in Customs House in Brest.
  • The Brest Customs House, after verification with paper DKD, sends electronic DKD on Customs House in Smolensk.

In case of realization specified Portal, the refusal of one of the participants of transportation (for example, Re-expeditor) to use Portal, will not become the reason of a delay of cargoes in transits including on border, since the transfer of the information, if necessary, can be duplicated by the Operator of transportation through Portal. Thus, besides performance of technological operations in interaction with iron roads, the Operator of transportation, receiving through Portal all transportation and accompanying documents has an opportunity to carry out all complex of information services for the clients.

The information about reloading in Brest.

The ambassador reloading in cars of a broad gauge in Portal there is an information on results reloading:

  • Number of the wide car, in which is overloaded a cargo from the car of a narrow track;
  • The information on a condition of a cargo the ambassador reloading (presence of the commercial acts on malfunction or shortage of a cargo);
  • Arrival time and departure time of a cargo from Brest;
  • Graphic copy of the waybill;
  • Graphic copy of the customs declaration.
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